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At Just Say G'day we pride ourselves on the quality of our service and recognise you are an individual. Many dating sites rely on automated profile matching programs, but love is not a mathematical problem. Everyone is different, which is why we provide many different ways to find and connect with members including automated alerts, compatibility reports and suggestions as well as fun games and quizes to help you find your potential matches.

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Online dating shouldn’t be intimidating, boring or a chore. We provide many fun and exciting ways to find and connect with single Aussies when you want. Our membership support team ensures our database is full of genuine members and is available seven days a week to provide assistance.


What Is Online Dating Etiquette?

As much as we like to think of the internet as being like the old American West, full of rough and ready spills, where we can do what we like, the truth these days is somewhat different – especially where it comes to etiquette, manners and dating. At it’s most basic, the principals behind online... View Article

Thinking of Dating Someone Younger?

You can’t help but to have noticed the term ‘cougar’ being bandied around over the last few years, with that powerful image of a predatory older woman hunting down younger guys. At heart it seems to be the same dynamic between a younger woman and a ‘sugar daddy’ – the search for wealth and power... View Article

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Are you over 50 and single? Try our dedicated site exclusively for singles aged 50+. Seniors all over Australia are finding someone special with our easy to use dating site where you won't feel out of place.. Visit

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Looking for gay singles? Search and browse gay guys and girls for free via our dedicated gay matchmaking site. Visit

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Looking for some fun without the commitment of a serious relationship? Connect with over a million naughty Aussies looking for some excitement. Visit